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Soil Stabilisation

Soil stabilisation requires the accurate application of lime or cement into the existing soil. This will modify the material. This is the perfect solution for solar roads, constructions sites and haul roads.

How does soil stabilisation work?

Dependent on what the end goal is, the required stabilisation product (this can include lime, PFA, ordinary Portland cement, PFA, and GGBS) is mixed into the existing soil in depth layers of 300mm. Using a calibrated spreader we are able to spread to desired percentage of stabilisation product onto the host soil. The Xerion allows for the stabilisation product to be directly applied to the front of the mixer drum which then mixes the product through that layer. The benefit of using this specialist machinery this is that it reduces dust emission and can work in environmentally sensitive areas.


Soil StabilisationSoil StabilisationSoil Stabilisation

Soil StabilisationSoil StabilisationSoil Stabilisation




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