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Potholes cause damaged car suspensions, twisted ankles and general misery

We’ve all cursed potholes and rough tracks after twisting an ankle or incurring costly vehicle repairs. Even if they are filled in, the first heavy downpour washes the loose stone out again and you are back to square one. The problem continues mainly beacuse of the cost of repairing and old and worn out track.

Road Recycling with MP & KM Golding is the answer!

MP & KM Golding are proud to offer a revolutionary solution to the expensive business of re-tracking an old, bumpy and pot-holed roadway. Instead of importing expensive new stone to replace the surface, our cruching machine (which is capable of crushing all types of material, from Tarmac to concrete blocks) simply grinds the existing road surface an uses the crushed material to relay a new, smooth surface.

Once the ‘Meri Crusher’ has crushed the the surface and removed the potholes and grooves, the track is then levelled and compacted with the use of vibrating plates, forming a hard-wearing, cambered surface. Where there are particularly large holes or fissures, these can be filled with various types of recycled materials such as builders’ rubble, mine and quarry waste, scalpings, damaged breeze blocks - all easily dealt with by the mounted crusher.

The perfect alternative to buying expensive new stone!

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